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Survival games to put on your wish list this year

Survival games to put on your wish list this year

We can agree that survival games boringly repetitiveoften offer gameplay or Similar goals. We are looking for something that can stand out! If you are like me, you are looking for it heresyHere are nine upcoming games that stand out above the rest.

Sharpen your flints and stock up on your food, we’re shortlisting families!

So we start with a completely original survival game, published by Head West, in collaboration with specialists in Psychological health. This game is based on relaxation and the MeditationIt is scheduled to take place at the end of 2022.
Say goodbye to exhausting battles and cultivating massive resources. Here, we play in harmony with nature on a land that has suffered centuries of devastation. We and the few humans that still exist are determined to live in it harmony with nature.
In the program of this improbable game, it must be said, eternal hunting, exploration and construction. But learn too to center and to master the art of meditation. The latter will be the key to our health and survival.

video 45 minutes From play available:

A radical change in the atmosphere as survival horror continues live Woods. end of the night game Offer us a new journey in this enchanting forest Inhabited at least by indigenous people singular form. was the game Postponed from May to October 2022Once again, he promises survival tinged with horror.
In the trailer, we can especially see new ways to Builds Its base with the possibility to create a window at any time in particular. It is perfect in case Night visit If you don’t want to stick to your toe (which is totally understandable).

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Another sequel, but let’s leave the first person point of view for this city ​​builder Survival. This second composition settles 30 years later The terrible storm that ended the first campaign.
Get out of the coals, this time, oil in the spotlight. It would be a matter of using it wisely in order to create a file Maximum number of citizens During this endless winter. 11 bit studio Unavailable No release date has been announced yetso we stay attentive, and in the meantime, we can always enjoy the ad trailer!

It’s on the devastated Earth, again, this Far from home SAinvites us to embody a living world… in a Transformation !
On top of our devices, we’ll have to swamp in the building In order to find the resources necessary for our survival, but also to create the required equipment Eliminate the deadly virus. Humanity is only waiting for our success to return to Earth, and that will be possible at the end of 2022 early access.

Snowhound games It seems to have crossed Rust And the illness In one game, this time you will crash into a radioactive land inhabited by strange monsters. Your goal, besides survival, will be here to gather Production lines In order to build your base and improve your tools.
I can only advise you to explore YouTube channel From the developer behind this game, he posted a lot of videos of different steps for the project, but also Play In cooperation!
A good way to support this game that, for now, has No release date.

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We leave the ruined / devastated / irradiated earth for a moment to go to it Mars. It is up to us to create and make our colony Thrive On the red planet, which includes, in particular, the use of tools and the development of technologies: looking for waterusing solar panels, growing our own food or tearing our hair with cable management and other complex systems.

of planned this year And we can’t wait to explore this immensity through rover And expand our colony.

Who said that to survive is to wear leather and fur? Chasing in the mud? It’s definitely not the Inflexion games that, here, give us very aristocrat. We embody a Realmwalker Lost in many worlds fi. We’ll have to explore the portals multidimensional and survive different kingdoms In order to reach the last stronghold of mankind, nightingale.
Solo or co-op, we will have to explore and develop worlds area In order to complete the challenges of Fae. And all this will be possible end of 2022 !

Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything changes »; With this famous quote, Lavoisier perfectly describes I am the future. in this universe Colored and completely joyfulDespite the fall of civilization, we wake up from a frozen six-year sleep in a devastated city, underwater and No soul lives there.

we’ll need to disassemble Cars, computers and other technologies for Create news, as well as robots controlled by artificial intelligence. The latter will be able to help us with everyday tasks, leaving us with the luxury of enjoying sinsubordinate kitchenThe Gardens Not forgetting to build our base. But don’t be fooled by the bright side of this stay, the night is approaching and dangerous creatures We will pay to create a defense worthy of that name. scheduled to come out During 2022alpha can be accessed at This page.

To end this tempting little list, top snakes He present to us generation from the very world A nativeBecause we are the ones who generate it. Do you need wood? Just create a file Jungle ; that’s cool ! in this world isometric, we will be able to explore different squares, and fetch different resources according to our needs to survive. Because yes, surviving where everything is calm is not one thing, we may have to resist hordes of zombies

Launched on January 22, 2022 on Kickstarter and heavily funded as of January 29, Above Snakes in before alpha It must be available in early 2023.