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This French startup plans to protect 40,000 satellites by 2030

This French startup plans to protect 40,000 satellites by 2030

Faced with a lack of space traffic regulation and an increasing number of active satellites, Aldoria innovates technology to protect critical space resources and assets.

Periodicity It is the ancient Latin name forThuraya GroupThuraya Group But now also the new name of Share My Space. The French startup, winner of the first edition of the France 2030 programme, has used a recent €10 million fundraising to change its identity and reaffirm its ambition to become the European leader in space security by advising operators on aircraft collision threats. Thousands of orbital objects.

40,000 active satellites by 2030

The space environment, which is essential for many vital functions on Earth including communications, navigation and climate monitoring, must already be protected from the harmful effects of space debris and other threats. However, from 9000 currently, the number of active satellites in It rotates in orbitIt rotates in orbit The number is expected to reach as low as 40,000 by 2030. Worldwide moonmoon1000 objects can be attracted around it. Without counting More than 30 thousand pieces of space debris More than 10cm is currently identified…

30 million contacts between space objects were avoided

Aldoria integrates data from six optical monitoring stations on four continents to provide a comprehensive understanding of the space environment in near real-time. Patented MTOS technology is based on a system of four TelescopesTelescopes Synchronous rotation located on the same observation site. Their turnover rate is coordinated with time CrossingCrossing Objects in the field of view to ensure detection of all space objects, even at altitudes as low as 300 km. Thanks to this, the information system tropicaltropical In 2023, Aldoria produced 230,000 independent measurements on 5,000 objects and predicted 30 million contacts between space objects.

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