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Enjoy the sunset on Mars captured by the Persevering Rover

Enjoy the sunset on Mars captured by the Persevering Rover

The sun also sets as seen from Mars. But the show’s atmosphere is different from that on Earth, as shown in this image taken by the Perseverance Chariot.

Sunday, November 21, 2021 (( –

What does sunset look like on Mars? We already know this from images sent by sensors like InSight. But every new photo is as precious as it is wonderful.

We owe a debt to the new image published on November 19, 2021 of the Mars rover On the Twitter account of the space robot.

Sunset panorama on Mars. // Source: NASA / Persevere

« Take a moment to marvel at this: I captured my first view of the Martian sunset using Mastcam-Z. It’s easy to be on the move all the time, but it’s also important to look for it », suspend the account by avataring the sound of the rover.

Why is this Martian sunset not blue?

Images of the Sun from Mars are usually bluish. This is not the case here. But don’t panic (if that scares you, but Mars is an exciting topic nonetheless!), there is an explanation.

Perseverance rover account Hinge : « Sunsets on Mars are usually distinguished by their distinctive blue color, but this sunset is different: less dust in the atmosphere resulted in a calmer-than-average color. Color and white balance have been calibrated to eliminate camera flaws. »

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