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This difficult moment experienced by Jean-François Mercier in Get Me Out of Here is not shown to viewers

Jean-François Mercier is one of those brave personalities who agreed to take part in the first edition of Get me out of here on the TVA waves and thus recklessly face many fears, phobias and difficult situations.

When we caught up with him on the red carpet at the Gala les Olivier on Sunday, we wanted to know more about Jean-François Mercier’s experience in the jungle of Costa Rica.

Specifically, we asked him if he had moments of panic or anger that weren’t shown on camera, to which the comedian, author, and comedian answered in the affirmative.

It wasn’t kept in the edit, but yeah, it did “, Confirms. ” Jean-Michel, the cook, took me aside. It’s really nice. He’s competitive, he’s a guy who wants to win, but he’ll never try to hurt you to win. He will win by being better than himself, not better than others. He really is a good guy! »

He continues: He pulled me aside and said, “You know JF, it’s not called an all-out Caribbean cruise. It’s called Get Me Out of Here. So it’s only natural that you feel very frustrated, provoked, that you’re out there and somewhere, that’s what I came to look for.” “These words had a very positive effect on the player, who regained his senses and wanted to continue.” That’s right, that’s what we’re looking for. Otherwise we stay home! »

Jean-François Mercier remarkably returned to the challenge you will be able to see, recalling how traumatic the experience was: ” We get rubbish in our face, in the bright sun. That is, I’m sure they cut it off during editing, but at some point I got swallowed by a wasp. Immediately, 2 hours blindfolded, eyes emptied… It wasn’t cute! »

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Sortez-moi d’ici is presented on Sundays at 6:30 pm on TVA.

Jean-Philippe Dion returns here for an event between Marianne Saint-Gailles and host Alexandre Barrettduring which the Olympic medalist burst into tears.

Note that Jean-François Mercier can be seen recently in the series Bombs Plus serieswhere he portrays a very touching character in therapy, which is a great performance on his part.

On Sunday, he was accompanied by his sister, Marie-Claude, on the red carpet for Olivier. See our photos taken during the event here.