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Cantonese Magog: The Victory That Inspires

Cantonese Magog: The Victory That Inspires

Their victory, Sunday evening in Nova Scotia, sent shivers down many Cantonniers de Magog supporters. It is not surprising that about a hundred welcomed them as heroes on Monday evening in Magog. However, bringing home the Telus Cup goes beyond the organization. A whole generation of young players inspires him.

Cantonniers de Magog were crowned champions of the Telos Cup on Sunday. For the first time since 2000, they arrived Monday in Magog as Canadian champions. About a hundred supporters were waiting for them. “We were happy to receive the cup yesterday. The young people were exhausted, but very happy,” said Governor and General Manager of Magog County, Christian Lord.

The team reached the final of the Canadian Championship in 2018, 2019 and 2022, but lost every time. Except that the Cantonniers are recognized in the U18 AAA Hockey Development League as a team that performs well. “The Cantonese team is a very good organization in our league. It is a model to follow and I have always said that frankly,” confirmed the president of the Quebec Hockey Development Association M18 AAA, Yannick Lévesque.

The Cantonniers' victory also had a positive impact on younger players such as Harfangs du Triolet players in Sherbrooke. “Everyone wants to be associated with a winning team, that's clear. You're excited to coach, you're excited to train hard, you're excited to make sacrifices,” said Sherbrooke Hockey Coach Jude Valley.

This win also reflects on the league and hockey in general, a sport that sometimes comes under criticism. “It's another exclamation mark on the well-deserved respect for Quebec hockey culture and Quebec hockey programmes. There are some great things still being done in Quebec, even if the sport is often… In the spotlight for less important reasons.

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Cantonniers pre-camp begins this evening at Magog Arena. Indeed, the machine is back in operation for next season.