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Third acquisition of Demers ambulances

Third acquisition of Demers ambulances

Quebec-based ambulance manufacturer Demers is making another acquisition in the United States, cementing its position as the second largest company in that market in North America, as well as accelerating its international growth.

Martin ValerisMartin Valeris

Demers, who is based in Belwell, has just completed its acquisition of the Indiana-based ambulance manufacturer Medix Specialty Vehicles.

The acquisition, whose value has not been disclosed, marks the third major deal that Demers Ambulances has struck in four years, after the Crestline deal in Saskatchewan and Brown, Ohio.

With this other acquisition, Demers and its three subsidiaries will see their consolidated turnover exceed $ 350 million, we said. Journalism.

Portrait of Oliver Jane, archived press

Alan Brunel, Head of Demers Ambulance

With the addition of Medix, our share of the ambulance market will nearly double, reaching about 29% in the United States and about 36% in North America. Alan Brunel, president of Demir’s Ambulance, said during an interview with Journalism.

Moreover, for this year, Demers’ business prospects are already in line with the delivery of 1,600 ambulances, 200 more than last year.

Our demands continued to grow during the health and medical epidemic crisis, despite some production difficulties with our major suppliers of vehicle (light truck) chassis and other technical components.

Alan Brunel, Head of Demers Ambulance

Additionally, the acquisition of Medix will allow Demers to nearly triple, to around 300 units, its annual volume of new ambulance shipments to old clients in North Africa, the Middle East and more recently in Latin America.

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In terms of the workforce, adding 200 Medix employees will bring the total number of employees in Demers’ network of 12 factories and ambulance service centers across Canada and the United States to more than 1,140.

Of this number, the 370-strong Demers employees of Beloeil facilities (head office, factory, and service center) will now make up a third of the company’s total workforce.

Financial support

In Alan Brunel’s view, this new geographical distribution of the workforce and production assets in Demers reflects the strong continental expansion of the company over the past five years, after the arrival of growth investors in its capital.

Moreover, these major shareholders since 2016, Clearspring Capital Partners, from Toronto, and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, have provided an additional financial boost to Demers to complete the Medix acquisition.

At Caisse de dépôt et placement, Quebec Senior Vice President and Head of Investments, Kim Thomasin, said she was “happy to continue [son] Supporting Demers’ global growth and expansion.

“As a result of this new acquisition, we can now proudly say that more than one in three ambulances in North America will come from Demers’ factories,” he added.I Thomasin.

At Clearspring Capital Partners, Managing Partner Lawrence Stephenson said he “is impressed with Medix’s growth history, as well as its ability to firmly anchor itself in a highly competitive market.”

Therefore, he is pleased that the ambulance manufacturers now “Demers, Brown, Christline and now Medics share the same values ​​and a common organizational culture”.