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Things are brewing at QUB Radio: Mulcair and Lisée attack each other

Things are brewing at QUB Radio: Mulcair and Lisée attack each other

“I feel like things are going to get chaotic this morning. I’m asking for a little discipline.” And with these words so Richard Martino The hour’s meeting began with Jean-François Lisée and Thomas Mulcaire Friday.

host to QUB Radio He had enough experience to sense what was happening between them Thomas Mulcair and Jean-François Lisée. And he was not wrong.

She immediately claimed, “Tom is speaking directly about me, and has facts that are contrary to reality.” Jean François Lisée.

At the heart of the dispute between the two men is this column written by the former leader of the National Democratic Party in the Journal de Montreal in which the niqab was discussed. Thomas Mulcair He asserts that some politicians carry a unifying narrative, while others try to divide. To prove his point, Mr. Mulcair appears to be directly targeting the former politician, while he was in the race for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, in 2016.

“I know what’s at stake here, from my perspective,” he said. Thomas Mulcair.

  • Also listen to this week’s other feud between the two men on QS during the podcast Richard Martino Available on audio and video platform QUB Radio :

The least we can say is that we have rarely heard of a stormy meeting between the two men. It now remains to be seen whether this quarrel will actually end in front of the Press Council.