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My life after breast cancer

My life after breast cancer

I responded well to those who asked about the feasibility of performing a new surgery on her left breast to remove a prosthesis that she was not used to and replace it with fat taken from her abdomen. According to her, it will be easier for her to accept her new body. Which I doubt.

Why does she refuse to go to therapy to accept herself as she has become after her partner suggested it to her? She’s so lucky to be with such an open-minded man, and she shouldn’t hesitate for a moment. You didn’t give him your opinion on how important it was to have a second reconstruction, which was wise, because I have to say that the less a person has to play in a wound that was once cancerous, the less chance there is of waking up the monster.

I chose complete resection without any reconstruction. It’s been eight years now and I’m still in good shape. She would tell me that since I didn’t have a man in my life at the time of my cancer diagnosis, it was an easy decision to make. But the fact remains that I’m the one looking in the mirror morning and night, and it took me some time to accept my new look. I didn’t go to therapy, although I thought about it, and I probably would have gotten back on my feet faster if I had.


Since I am not a doctor, I never dare to give advice of a medical nature because I do not have the skills, even though the benefits of treatment are known to everyone.

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