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Theatre, dance and conferences will have space in Calvi within a year

At the entrance to a pine forest Calvi, The future inter-municipal performance hall construction site on schedule. Work commenced in October 2021 and today sees the main work nearing completion. In a few weeks, the finishing teams will take over and work even during the summer, given the limited noise pollution of these finishing operations.

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The outer wall will look like stonespecifies the president of the intercommunal assembly François-Marie Marchetti. Architect Maria Godlewska imagined a kind of extension of the castle walls. The concrete would be bush hammered so that it would look like raw stone, as was done at Fort Charlett. The handover schedule is set for the end of December 2023 before the scheduled opening in the first quarter of 2024. The cost of the final project is around 5 million euros. We got 2.2 million from the state and 600,000 euros from the Corsican community. The difference is that our commune has to put it into its own money. We will consider a loan to amortize this investment.”

“The creation of the Calvi-Balagne exhibition hall is a real pioneering project for the local community and Corsicaspecifies, on its website, the architectural firm Maria Godlewska. The equipment, designed around a room with 317 seats, will be directed primarily towards the dissemination of live performances and especially of theater and contemporary dance. The room would also be able to accommodate cinematic projections and, to a lesser extent, concerts of amplified and polyphonic music. The second occupation required for this place is to open it up for use as a residence for artistic creation. The equipment must be efficient and high-tech.

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The future theater would consist of a large, lighted stage, about a dozen artists’ dressing rooms spread over two levels, a reception hall and even an unloading dock at the rear of the building so that artists could bring their equipment. Thus, the audience will never come across the technical part.

“In terms of programming, you don’t have to be too ambitious at firstPresident Marchetti continued. We are on a 350 seat scale, which means we shouldn’t buy an expensive show in order to keep the seats accessible to as many people as possible. They don’t have to be elitist offerings from a financial point of view. We’ll first go through a dozen shows scheduled for this year, trying to keep the auditorium alive in the winter, too.

Bush hammered concrete will look like rough stone.  - Olivier Sanchez / Crystal Pictures

Like any public facility, the theater is not intended to be profitable. The idea is rather to give added cultural value to the population while reducing the deficit. For example, the intermunicipal sports complex has a deficit of €600,000 annually, according to President Marchetti.

Our role is to minimize this deficit.Continue. I think it is still necessary to have a staff for a full year with a technical director and front desk. When there is an offer, we can make sure to bring together employees between municipalities by offering agents to take overtime vacations.

In parallel with this hall of approximately 350 seats, the municipal community is still considering the possibility of converting the gymnasium into a structure with a scale that can accommodate from 500 to 1500 seats. project “It is still in the drawers due to lack of funding but it will happen one day or another, because it is an essential tool for the world of culture.”

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Sport is already in Calvi Palani. Culture will soon have its own.