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La Mutuelle Générale Corporate Foundation rewards the Cosne-sur-Loire Hospital Center

The aim of this project from the Center Hospitalier de Cosne-sur-Loire is to study the development of cerebral plasticity in elderly people living in an EHPAD – that in Cosne-sur-Loire north of Bourges – through the use of mixed reality.

In practice, you should know that mixed reality allows the resident (in this case the elderly), thanks to wearing a mixed reality headset, to immerse themselves in their own environment to enhance attention, participation in activities, and learning.

All this is carried out by the Nevers Research and Movement Laboratory, a young structure
Created in January 2019 on the initiative of Jean-Clément Biard (use of HoloLens reality glasses for groups of 10-15 residents).

For its part, the Cosne sur Loire Hospital Center is a public health institution with 249 beds and an installed capacity in two locations. Sandrine Renauden runs this hospital.

These winners will be selected for their innovative and tangible character in serving aging well, and these winners will benefit from financial support and support from the Foundation. All applications received were evaluated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors according to various criteria: relevance, impact, reproducibility, feasibility, and timeliness of implementation.

In addition to financial support (a total envelope of €200,000 has been allocated for these 9 projects), the La Mutuelle Générale Corporate Foundation will remain mobilized alongside the project leaders to support them and contribute to the appropriate development of their initiatives.