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The Voice: Sophie Grenier, Krista Maria, Luke and Christopher in the semi-finals

The Voice: Sophie Grenier, Krista Maria, Luke and Christopher in the semi-finals

On Sunday evening, Sophie Grenier, Christa Maria Abou Akl, Luc Jolicour and Christopher Therrien won her seat in the “La Voix” semi-finals, while France Damour came to replace Margaux, who is absent due to Covid-19.

She had caused quite a stir during her blind auditions, and Sophie Grenier continues to receive support from the audience who gave her 64% of the vote, following her interpretation of “As Long As We’re There”. Wanting to pay homage to her Lebanese origins “Adieu mon pays”, by Enrico Macías, Christa Maria Abou Akl did not think that she would be well received by the public, who gave her 74% of the vote.

Touching and moving with “Allo Maman Bobo,” Lok Jolicoeur deserves his place in the next stage, just like Christopher Therrien, who knew how to open up to his reality by being authentic and natural.


Perched on a podium, Roxanne Bruneau opened the evening with her song “Acrophobia”, and she was soon joined by the twelve frontrunners in the race through the evening. Then together they made light of the song “Partout”.

Later, she is present on stage when the winner of the “Second Voice” competition for which she was a coach is revealed. The public chose to crown the young Livia Saint-Pierre, only 15 years old, from Saguenay.

“Thank you for believing in me by giving me a second chance,” Livia crossed, as I shuddered. Thank you for your advice, you’ve been a great coach.

The winner then had the chance to share the big stage of “The Voice” with her coach on the smash hit, “On My Way.”

Emergency replacement

France d’Amour was out of the country when production called to ask him to replace Marjo, who tested positive for COVID-19, and was unable to be in the studio on Sunday night. She was back on Friday night, and as of Saturday morning, she’s in the MELS studio interviewing the nominees for Team Marjo.

However, the coach maintained his voting power. France d’Amore managed to coach the nominees at rehearsal, and give her comments after the performances, but it was Margaux who then gave her, over the phone, the percentages she wanted to attribute to each of her nominees.

Luc Jolicour moves to Quebec

Even if the coach did not give him the maximum points (they gave him 33), the crowd allowed Loïk Jolicoeur to win his place in the semi-finals with a total of 72 points.

“I thank the public for trusting me, and I thank the coaches,” said the 16-year-old, who had already tried his luck at La Voix Junior a few years ago. I love you all.

With a desire to show the audience a new sensibility, Audrey Ann Seguin chose “(You Feel) A Natural Woman”, composed by Aretha Franklin, accompanied by a string quartet. “I am happy to see you on this stage and performing in this way,” the coach added after his performance. When we talk about a vocal singer who has mastered her art, we’re thinking of you. You’ve never felt so good.”

Lok Jolicoeur went into a completely different realm by singing “Allo Maman Bobo” by Alain Suchon. His explanation was clearly tainted by his great sensitivity and all the battles he had to go through to be healthy today. The coach told him “I love you, Luke. I can’t believe I have this emotional intelligence at 16. When you sing, we’re with you, we’re in a hug, it’s always true.”

Gabrielle Grenon struggled with “L’amour a pris sa temps”, which may not have been an ideal choice for her. “You have pure talent,” the coach commented.

Christopher Therrien sneaks into the semi-finals

With 34 points from the coach and 35 from the crowd, Christopher Therrien takes the next step. Margo and the audience voted the exact opposite for the other candidates.

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Nathaniel got 40 points from the coach and only 25 from the crowd, while Melanie got 40 from the crowd and only 26 from the coach.

In the absence of Margaux, who has contracted COVID-19, France Damour, the substitute coach, gave a small performance with her song “Everything to Win”, before revealing the winner of the evening. All of the nominees on Margo’s team, during the second quarterfinal, were surprisingly from New Brunswick.

Christopher Therrien used Pierre Lapointe’s “Maman Papa” to speak to his parents with the words he would like to find when he goes out. “This song personifies you so much, it seems like it was written for you,” exclaims the substitute coach, Frans Damour. It was a marvel.”

With Billie Eilish as his role model, Nathaël Young chose “Happier than Ever” to try and get his ticket to the semi-finals. “I really like screaming in my songs,” he told Margo at the rehearsal. I want to scream who I am. France d’Amour compared it to poutine at 4 a.m. “It’s good, it’s good, it’s good,” she added. I love everything about you, adore you. I’ll put you in my bag and take you home.”

Melanie Hachie agreed to reveal herself in a big way through the lyrics of Lawrence Jalbert’s “In the Name of Reason”. “You echo all the girls who leave their dreams behind, who put family and everything else first,” said France Damour. You relate to the beauty of your voice.”

Christa Maria was praised by the audience

With 74% of the public vote and 33 points from the coach, Christa Maria Abou Akl qualified for the semi-finals. This is the highest audience vote this season.

I would like to thank Cornell who insisted that I sing in Arabic, voiced the winner, and am still amazed at her results. All immigrants know that leaving their country is one of the hardest things, but arriving in Quebec with such warm people, you couldn’t do otherwise.

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Earlier, the 20-year-old singer wanted to echo her Lebanese roots by performing the song “Adieu mon pays” by Enrico Macias. She even revealed that her accession to the quarter-finals of “La Voix” resonated in the Lebanese media. “This girl is incredibly talented,” Cornell said at the end of her presentation. You are an amazing vocal tech. In a world increasingly divided, you come to this proposition, you are united. You are also the first to sing in Arabic on “La Voix”, and whoever will sing it after that, it will be because you paved the way. You are a major at the age of 20.”

Because he was starting to feel happier in his life since he was living in Quebec, Frenchman Silvio exclaimed Safia Nolin’s “Laidour”. “If people knew what I went through to pick up all the little courage and stay here,” his coach tells him, wiping away tears. You’re the first non-binary artist on “La Voix.” So many parents struggle with the same loneliness. A conversation was due.

She promised herself that if she did The Voice live, she would perform a song for her father, Thomas Jensen. She chose “Montreal” from her group, which she even called, asking if there was something wrong with the lyrics. “I didn’t get the impression of seeing a nominee, I saw an artist. You’ve already been before and always will be. I can’t wait to see the rest of your career.”


Mario Pelchat Team

Stevie Byung, 23, Montreal

Sophie Grenier, 17, Ottawa (saved)

Cornell team

Jay, 24 years old, Montreal

Christa Maria Abou Akl, 20, Montreal

Margo team

Julie St. Pierre, 37, Montreal

Christopher Therrien, 33, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska (NB)

Mark Dupree Team

Martyr Adam Al-Muna, 19, in St. Catherine

Lok Jolicoeur, 16, Saint-Constant