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An unprecedented look at corrective surgeries

An unprecedented look at corrective surgeries

A new documentary series lifts the veil on gender-confirmation surgeries and grants privileged access to these medical procedures, performed in Montreal, that change the lives of thousands each year.

The Urbania team got to shoot the documentary series New DayUnprecedented access to a private hospital center specializing in rehabilitation surgery, GrS Montréal, the only one of its kind in Canada with a unique expertise in the world.

Since 1980, the GrS Montreal team has performed more than 10,500 surgeries for trans and non-binary clients around the world.

With the touching stories and inspiring journeys of patients passing through GrS Montreal, the documentary series, divided into eight 30-minute episodes, presents the behind-the-scenes gender affirmation, from the operating room to recovery and rehabilitation.

The series is well designed. It will certainly be suitable for the curious and for all those interested in medical broadcasting. It follows both clients and medical staff as they seek to welcome, assist and supervise patients who are about to experience one of the most important events in their lives. It takes a sensitive, emotional and poignant look at the reality of transgender people who resort to vaginoplasty or phalloplasty.

New Day It also highlights the surgical prowess performed on site daily, which, since its opening in 1973, has also saved thousands of lives.

At the moment, the documentary series, produced by Urbania, in cooperation with Bell Media, will be reserved for subscribers of the video-on-demand platform Crave, but it is not excluded that one day it will be broadcast on other Bell Media channels. .

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Directed by Emily Richard Harvey, New Day Available on Crave from May 11th.

An unprecedented look at corrective surgeries

Image courtesy, Bell Media