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Latest Elimination: Jean-François Mercier A new man since appearing on Get Me Out of Here!

Latest Elimination: Jean-François Mercier A new man since appearing on Get Me Out of Here!

Comedian Jean-François Mercier, who was recently axed from reality television Get me out of here!grows and revitalizes from this intense human experience.

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Once he had to jump out of the helicopter into the sea before he reached the camp, something clicked in his head. He told QMI that when he overcame his fear, he felt proud, a condition that has not left him since.

Therefore, Jean-François Mercier, the new man, believed that it was he who tamed his little inner voice, the one who often sowed discord in his mind. He believes his time in the jungle changed him for the rest of his life.

“My inner voice always found me wrong and always hit me where it hurt. She didn’t give me a chance, she was like the devil teasing me all the time. After the helicopter jump, I felt unusually proud. My inner voice became benevolent. I’ve changed a lot of things in my life and I carry on.” The countdown to it all Get me out of here! fetch me. »

He says he’s more open to new encounters and more inclined to let go of them, rather than being in “anxiety or anticipation,” which means that at 55 “life is now easier.”

This confidence he has gained since the beginning of his career in Get me out of here! Help him overcome the hardships of the parade, as hunger and fatigue ravaged the camp. “We don’t sleep much, we don’t eat much, and what we eat is just carbohydrates; you burn them super fast and you get hungrier afterward, as if you didn’t eat.”

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So Jean-François Mercier returned to Quebec with a mixture of disappointment and relief. “Yes, there is some relief, but if I am offered to come back, like Natalie [Simard]-I’d go there. It is certain that when you go out, there will definitely be disappointment because you get the impression that you are missing out on something. »

He stresses that the most difficult stage, in his case, was the test where he, in conjunction with Colette Proventure, had to climb a wall to retrieve stars in the creature-filled openings, while the weather presenter was upside down, submerged in water. She even vomited because the challenge was so intense.

Jean-François Mercier, who thanks the production for presenting campers “at their best,” was eliminated at the end of the Elimination Challenge, this Sunday, being the person who managed to untangle the fewest rings, while having his head locked in a box full of mice. Livia Martin and Colette Proventure (Most Fearful of Rodents) fared better and stayed in the race.

He said, “One of the things I love most about this show is that when you get out, it’s not because of your mates, and you don’t get rejected, and it’s not your person. Who gets attacked,” he said. “You really want to help others, be with others! To earn stars for bringing food to everyone, when you are hungry, it is powerful!”

Jean-François Mercier, who is currently working on the scripts for his next solo show, was poignant when he said he was doing the show to love himself more. Describing his observations, he says: “I did not go there to learn to love myself, but to become a better person. I would like to love myself more, but I did not go to Costa Rica to love myself more. For most people, becoming a better person means facing your fears.”

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Produced by Productions Déferlantes, in association with Quebecor Content, the reality show Get me out of here! It airs every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.