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The variety of cases could explode in Brazil and South Africa this summer

The variety of cases could explode in Brazil and South Africa this summer

As the executive branch works on a gradual dismantling, Vittoria Colisa stirs up an alarming scenario. The Director of Research at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) was invited to the Quotidien Group, dated TMC Wednesday April 28, 2021. He was asked about The main variants of the CoronavirusThe epidemiologist expressed himself this way: “We look forward to the coming months. At the moment, the British alternative is the one that dominates and one that has a fairly strong evolutionary advantage in terms of high transmissibility.”

Then Vittoria Colisa spoke Brazilian variants And South Africa from Covid-19. According to the Italian scientist, these mutations “have slightly different advantages in cross-immunity. They can infect people who have already been infected with the virus, or who are protected by certain vaccines.” Thus, “This partial loss of immunity can become significant when we adequately infect or vaccinate a population. This is why the Scientific Council has identified summer as a possible time when we could have the risk of developing, in a pandemic, these strains.” In conclusion: “We must prepare for it.”

After Jan Bartis was surprised by these statements, Vittoria Colisa asked the following question: “Can it spoil all the efforts we made a year ago?” His guest replies with tongs: “That is, we are not sure because we do not have estimates yet (…)

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