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La société Un avenir pour Le Lieu a lancé une levée de fonds sur Internet afin de réunir 50 000 euros. De l’argent nécessaire pour dérouler leur projet : la création d’un tiers lieu dans l’ancienne maison de retraite.

Evelyn. In Gambais, creative space Le Lieu sees its future in a big way

Un avenir pour Le Lieu has launched an online fundraising campaign to raise 50,000 euros. Funds for the implementation of their project: the creation of a third place in the old retirement home. (© Venue)

It is located in Gambiz (Evelyn), The place is a space for artistic creativityCreated in 2015 by A group of residents and artists From the lands of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, and administered by Association Les Fugaces Le Lieu.
The chassis currently has unstable lease contract With Mutuelle RATP to occupy Part of 7 hectares of land and buildings from there.

Preserving the future of the site

today, Les Gens du Lieu Want to perpetuate the future of the place by becoming a co-owner and being launched crowdfunding campaign to achieve this.

Where Venue opening in 2016Published by the association Les Fugaces Le Lieu local cultural projectIt focuses on the poeticization of daily life, coexistence, and the investment of public space.

Several events have been organized in Sud-Yvelines

to Many events Signed in South Evelyn : presenting offers that are generated, Offers Street arts and theater companies (Les Fugaces, Les Armoires Pleines, La Baleine Forestière, etc.) artistic adventures Ideas for the area with partners: art transfer on foot starting from Essonne to reach Gambais, a day dedicated to the brass bands in the Etangs de Hollande, festival From young people made by and for high school students…

to Many actions Developed too At school, in secondary schools and colleges in the territory. In addition, the venue has reception areas that are used by many art companies for stays of 3 to 6 days.

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Today, members of the Gens du Lieu collective and the association of Les Fugaces Le Lieu have the opportunity to become co-owners by purchasing all the land of the former retirement home from Mutuelle RATP.

A new future is presented to the place that allows the proposed activities to be perpetuated and carried out
develop their project.

Videos: Currently in Actu

The company “Future Place”Concurrently with Two private investorssets out on a new adventure and participates in the development of the “Lieu XXL” project.

This is a place XXL It will take shape in the grand building (the former retirement home) and will consist of creating a third place that respects its environment and history. In this space would rub shoulders Lots of different activities Combine multiple electrodes:

Life pole: Restaurant, bar and hotel.
Work center: Co-working spaces, meeting and seminar rooms.
– Center for well-being and recreation: Relaxation areas and a multi-purpose activity room.
Technical Center: Exhibition spaces, artist residencies, multidisciplinary artistic and cultural activities.

Le Lieu will continue to develop the artistic center by staying in the buildings currently occupied, at 10, chemin des Pimentières, which will be renovated and improved.

To make all this possible, volunteers from Le Lieu set up the company “Un avenir
Li Liu “to perpetuate their project. They set up an online fundraiser because they still own €50,000 to find!

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