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The United States has become a planned victim of China

The United States has become a planned victim of China

Chronic. It is rare for a US president to wait until the last minute to see if his guests will accept his invitation. Nevertheless, this is the contempt that Joe Biden is now experiencing. This is not until April 21st Climate summit he had organized, China announces participation of Xi Jinping.

The days when the Chinese number one cowboy who visits the United States wore a hat impressed his speakers. This is February 1979. Less than three years after Mao’s death, his successor, Deng Xiaoping, wanted China to open up to the world.

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Forty-two years later, the Chinese president insisted on distancing himself from Mama Sami. On March 21, when diplomats he sent to Anchorage confronted their American counterparts, in a verbal battle of rare seriousness, Xi Jinping explored that more than ever, imperialism, Fujian’s tea fields, philosophize the virtues of traditional Chinese culture. Putting a stationery never crossed his mind. Will he do that so the Chinese will keep it against him? Many of them dream of sending their only child to American universities, and personally, some believe they have more faith in American vaccines than they do. After all, if the referendums in the West show a clear decline in China’s image, the reverse is undoubtedly true.

Model and model

Even Tesla has paid the price now. An American manufacturer who opened a factory in Shanghai in the midst of the Sino-US trade war is in court in Beijing. This did not stop Netizens from taking up the cause of the Chinese woman who climbed onto the roof of Tesla at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19th. “Arrogance, disrespect to the Chinese market and consumers is not even an appropriate response.”, Ruled to the authorities. Tesla had to apologize and provide data to authorities thirty minutes before the crash.

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Contrary to popular belief, allegations of genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang have not provoked any significant debate in China. The majority of Chinese seem to believe the rhetoric attacked by the campaign: it is an attempt by Americans to weaken their country and push a portion of their best economic success into poverty.

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