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The European Commission wants to exclude Israel, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

The European Commission wants to exclude Israel, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

According to Politics, Brussels Wants to exclude the UK, Switzerland and Israel His projects on quantum technologies. Many EU member states are concerned about the policy pursued by the European Commission. This is the case in Austria and Denmark, for example, which want to secure the importance of cooperating with external partners.

Is the European Commission too protectionist?

European ambassadors said in March 2021 that European Commissioner of the European Market Theory Breton was urging EU members to try to exclude third countries from programs related to quantum computing. Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Israel are particularly concerned. A A protectionist strategy that concerns Austria and Denmark. The two countries have sent a letter to Maria Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

While they openly acknowledge the need to protect European strategic interests, they emphasize the importance of cooperating with external partners. According to them, each of the non-European countries should be excluded only on the basis of a case and solid arguments. Theory is not just for what Breton would have decided. 2021-2027 A meeting scheduled by the European Commission on 19 April 2021 as part of the Horizon Europe research and innovation project Postponed until further notice.

In a letter from the Danish government to the European Commission, one might read: “In many cases recruiting trusted partners is very important in our interest because these partners are at the forefront of innovative fields. Their participation in sophisticated research is essential..

Fights widening the gap between the Union and the rest of the world

The 27 member states of the union, the United States and China, are under a stalemate Quantum computing is already very advanced. Our delay is considerable. Trump had decided Increase the budget for quantum computing by 30% 2021, shortly before his departure. Despite their small lead, The United States is stuck with China According to a former CEO of Google. To Eric Schmidt: “The United States is only one or two years ahead of China, not five or ten in terms of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.”.

Imagine the delay in Europe … though European scientists have proven the “quantum advantage”, The union lags far behind companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM or Byte. According to a European ambassador, Germany may also oppose the European Commission’s decision About excluding Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Israel. Representatives of countries opposing the Commission’s plan are scheduled to meet on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 to discuss their strategy.

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