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Le vaccin ne pouvait être jusqu

The United States allows Pfizer vaccine to be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month

U.S. health officials announced Wednesday (May 19) that the Pfizer / Bioendech vaccine against Govit-19 can now be refrigerated in the United States for up to a month, two days after a similar regulation by the European regulator. This should greatly facilitate the distribution of the vaccine, especially in areas where medical freezer is not fitted. Until now, the vaccine can only be stored for five days at refrigerator temperature.

Henceforth, “Based on data submitted by Pfizer”, The United States Medicines Agency (FDA) destroyed it “Diluted and dissolved vials” Vaccine “Store in a refrigerator at 2 C to 8 C for up to a month”, He declared. “This change should make the vaccine more widely available to Americans, making it easier for vaccine suppliers, such as doctors’ offices, to obtain, store, and administer the vaccine.”Said Peter Marx, head of the FDA’s Center for Biological Assessment and Research.

In February, the U.S. regulator had already authorized the vaccine to be stored in the freezer for two weeks (between -25 and C and -15 between C), with a very unusual special freezer between -80 and -60 to provide vials for long-term storage at room temperature.

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