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Rugby. Australian legend David Campes explains international refereeing: ‘It’s a joke!’

David Campes is tough on international referees. (©YouTube David Campese)

He is one of the legends Rugby People who don’t have their tongues in their pockets. Spectacular player, particularly renowned for his famous duck step and genius, his improvisation led to the exploits of the former Wallaby. David Campes (101 choices) More in media now.

Actually, in an interview Daily Mail AustraliaThe former wing-back, who scored 64 tries between 1982 and 1996, slammed international referees and video umpires, saying they were making rugby “a joke”.

“Referees think they are the most important person on the pitch”

David Campes accused officials of making rugby hard for fans to watch, not making it easy. “It’s a joke,” said the 1991 World Cup winner, who played in 1987 and 1995, before continuing: “The referees think they’re the most important person on the pitch. They think it’s about them, but it’s not. It’s about the game. It’s about the players and the fans. ,” before he continued:

People don’t pay to watch the referee blow the whistle all the time, otherwise they would watch a football match. They want to see tries, not penalty goals. It’s sad. As it stands, it’s a joke. I know I’m talking about the good old days, but it’s hard not to. I’m an old fart, I’ll admit it, but I’m always up front, and that’s not to say that things will be perfect if not. The TMO (Television Match Official or Video Referee, Editor’s Note) and referees spoil the game.

David CampesA former Australian international on the current umpire

The number of convictions would have tripled in 20 years!

According to DailymailA comparison between the Wallabies’ first Rugby Championship 2022 Test against Argentina and the Bledislo Cup match 20 years ago suggests that the number of penalties will have tripled in 20 years (30 penalties in the match against the Pumas in Mendoza and 11, 20 years ago. Only one penalty was awarded in the second half). Other former Australian internationals Chris Latham and Will Genia, as well as former Australia and current England manager Eddie Jones, have expressed their frustration with a test season with a finicky umpire, controversial interpretations of the law and sometimes inexplicable dismissals.

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For his part, David Campes is desperate for things to change: “I want to ask to help fix the game, but no one wants to listen,” he said. “It’s hard to take. I’m respected everywhere I go in the world, but not in my own country. My poor wife says to me, “Why are you doing this? Why don’t you go? I tell him I can’t. I like rugby. That’s all I know. »

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