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“The Twelve Labors of Beatrice”: The Heart of a Pirate as We've Rarely Seen It

“The Twelve Labors of Beatrice”: The Heart of a Pirate as We've Rarely Seen It

Last year, Cœur de Pirate, along with many of its other projects, replaced its microphone with other types of instruments.

With her partner, Mark Flynn, she purchased a dilapidated mid-century chalet in hopes of creating and rediscovering the magic that had perhaps eluded her of late.

“I haven't written a song in a really long time. I have a bit of blank slate syndrome. I want to find a place to create, and the chalet inspires me,” she explains in the first episode of her new series. The Twelve Acts of BeatriceWhich will be presented at CASA on Thursday evening.

Coeur de Pirate and Marc Flynn present their chalet renovations in the new series 'The Twelve Labors of Béatrice'.

Image courtesy of CASA

As well as following the entrepreneurial couple on their renovation project, the show provides a funny and intimate look at their daily lives, through office life, managing their careers and parental responsibilities.

“I thought it was really cool to show this side of me that people don't usually get access to because, yes, I'm on social media a little bit, but other than that, I don't do a lot of TV shows. Whether it's In the context of renovation, which has a lot to do with what I do, I loved it.”

“I'm glad people agreed to embark on this beautiful craziness with us, because we do a lot of stupid things on the show,” she added, laughing.

Pirate heart while renovating his chalet.

Image courtesy of CASA

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Despite the presence of fungus in the ventilation, structural problems and other hazards of old buildings, the singer still managed to find what she wanted.

“I've found that there's actually a Zen aspect to everything. Laying tiles or painting is repetitive, but you fall into a meditative state,” she added, admitting that she prefers to come up with ideas rather than realize them.

Healthy musical sequence

Since it was launched Bravo music In 2021, after purchasing Montreal record label Dare to Care, Cœur de Pirate has seen the emergence of several artists under its fold, such as Gab Bouchard, Thierry Larose and Lou Adriane-Cassidy, whose work is going well.

Ben Bellos/JdeM

“I think that's fair Rushing That due to cultural cuts, there are festivals that will no longer be held. At the same time, I tell myself that we can still be resilient and that people will find solutions. “I can't wait to see what comes out,” she said.

“But the next generation is doing well. People want new things, that's the good news. It's fun that it's in French, and that the content is in French. As long as we keep our culture alive in Quebec,” the singer-songwriter, who recently participated in the contest, added “There will be room for these young people, so they can release albums, so they can be creative.” dancing with the stars, in France.

Despite the sometimes harsh comments from the judges, the singer loved her experience.

“It allowed me to inhabit my body more, but unfortunately I will not start dancing tango in my shows,” she said, laughing, stressing that her participation allowed her to free herself from a certain complex.

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With her summer show date quickly approaching, the singer plans to release new material soon.

The show is available in 10 episodes The Twelve Acts of Beatrice It arrives this Thursday, at 9pm, on CASA.