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The tram: does not fly high on social media

The tram: does not fly high on social media

Like conspiracy theorists at the height of the pandemic, anti-tramism was unleashed on social networks this week, rotting the web with libelous comments, each more insulting than the next, particularly following a post by former Quebec mayoral candidate Anne Guerret.

In light of the content of the vile statements that we found under his post, we ask why you did not remove them.

In order to find out her position and intentions regarding these particularly disgusting comments about me, I contacted Anne Guérette, now a columnist for CHOI Radio X, yesterday morning.

MI Gerrit began by telling me that she had simply said, in this post, that she completely disagreed with my comments, during a column in LCN. She then admitted that she had seen the comments last night before going to bed, that she “wasn’t very pretty”, but that she had “other things to do too”, that she was “never a moderate person” and that she was not in control. Its social networks.

She then adds that she has intervened several times in the past, but “maybe she got away with it that time.”

The former mayoral candidate also told me that she “doesn’t even know these people,” that she “eats them from time to time too” and that she “doesn’t worry about it anymore.” “But if I can help you, I’ll be happy.”

  • Listen to the column written by JDM and JDQ political columnist Karen Gagnon via QUB Radio :
Rain of insults, no excuse

For example, in a post that had nearly 150 comments at the beginning of Friday, the majority of men called me a pig, an empty jug, thick, sour, a scoundrel, etc.

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People attack my physical appearance, attack my credibility and professionalism, but without making any argument at all. People insult me, vomit contempt profusely, and attack the fact that I am a woman. One thing is constant: everything that is conveyed has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion of ideas. We are relaxed and intimidated, hidden behind the screen.

Contrary to what M claimsI Gerrit, it’s not a good idea to “don’t worry about it anymore.” On the contrary, we have to really deal with it and take the necessary steps to stop it.

This includes moderating comments within our posts, deleting them if necessary, and blocking individuals who insult rather than argue. A few hours after my call, many of the comments had been deleted, but the insults remained.

Marcel Tremblay/QMI Agency

I salute you, bitch

I invite the former mayoral candidate to listen to the excellent documentary I salute you, bitchwritten by Leah Clermont-Dionne and Jélène Maroist, about misogyny in the digital age.

Shown in about fifteen countries, this film tells the story of four women whose lives are turned upside down by waves of online sexual harassment. This is exactly the kind of wave I experienced while posting it.

Hence, perhaps Anne Gerrit, who understands this better, will be able to understand that we cannot take this kind of incidents on social networks lightly.