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Are you ready to go to Love Island?

Are you ready to go to Love Island?

Preparations are in full swing at Villa de los Cabos, which will host love island, the new version of Acquaintance VAT, effective September 12th. Once they enter the house, the five girls and the five guys will have to make a couple based on the first impression.

Adapted from a British format, the show’s run remains identical to its original. “They will have to learn how to live together and see if they are comfortable with their first choice,” said Matthew MacKinnon, the content producer, who is already in Mexico. However, at different times, islanders will have the option to change partners or stay together. The peculiarity of this form is that there are always new candidates arriving at the villa. Viewers will always be at the end of their chairs because you never know when or who can get off.”

There is no ritual. Flame ceremonies, during which they can change partners, can happen at any time, and beware of those who fall bachelors: their place in the villa is in danger.

“The goal is to find love,” said Nancy Charst, executive producer. Couples can form with any filter, and we’ll follow the stories.” Could a love affair develop between two girls or two boys?” It could also happen, warns the producer about the content. It’s a very open generation and we’ll follow them there if that happens.”


through the app love islandViewers will be able to influence the course of the program in some way. “On the app, people will have access to original content, behind the scenes, photos, games… but above all, they will have the opportunity to vote. At different times, the audience will be invited to comment on their favorite couple, or a favorite islander. , or to answer more direct questions, like which girl to go to. date With any boy, for example. It will have a direct impact on the content of the show.”

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The winning couple will be chosen by the public at the end from among the couples remaining in the villa.

Unlike other international versions, the Quebec Amendment wants to take the islanders out of the villa even more. “They’ll live together, sleep in the same dormitory, wake up and have lunch together. They’ll have poolside moments, games…but we also want to make our viewers travel by taking them to visit the areas around Los Cabos, an amazing place that the Kibbers don’t know much about.”

health protocol

Even abroad, the production decided to follow CNESST’s rules regarding sanitary measures for shooting, and go even further.

Nancy Charst argued: “Everyone has been vaccinated twice, and it was a requirement to be part of the team, both in terms of candidates and production teams. The hotel also has very strict rules. Applicants are isolated when they arrive in Mexico. But the heat helps us a little, because we always outside, which makes things easier.”

The production even thought about the mental health of the candidates. “Psychologist Marie-Claude Larvierre has been following us since the beginning of the casting. She had a lot of discussions with the candidates. It was important for us that they were really aware of what they were getting into. All the participants watched the seasons of the show, and they know how it works. Marie-Claude is also with us on Mexico and will be available to those who wish.”

The islanders will enter Villa de love island Sunday, September 12, at 9 p.m., on TVA.

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