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The saga of lost bags: Montreal airports summon Royal Air Maroc

The saga of lost bags: Montreal airports summon Royal Air Maroc

After publishing our website Reports preparation Regarding missing bags at the clearance center in Pointe-au-Tremble in Montreal, Montreal Airports claims to have recalled the carrier responsible for the crazy situation, Royal Air Maroc (RAM).

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Dozens of travelers searching for their luggage came to 13385 Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal.

Some of them found their personal belongings in a sorry state.

TVA News

TVA Nouvelles learned that the liquidation center was not the only place where there were missing bags belonging to Air Maroc customers.

In contact with our journalists, Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) explained in a press release that “the operational situation at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca has led to significant delays in the routing and delivery of many luggage from Royal Air Maroc,” and that this is how Quebec found itself. In front of “a large accumulation of luggage at its airport facilities.”

ADM confirms that it tried to settle the situation with Royal Air Maroc, but to no avail.

“ADM had to store the bags that were not delivered to passengers in safe places at the airport site, but outside the passenger building, to facilitate customs clearance for them. The statement explained that this decision was taken in particular for health reasons, while unpleasant odors were emanating from several bags.

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Insofar as baggage is the sole responsibility of the traveler, ADM clarifies that it has no authority to interfere in the management of the RAM.

“Once the baggage was cleared through customs, Royal Air Maroc made the decision to move the baggage from the airport location to the storage location provided during your report. Obviously, we find it quite unfortunate that Royal Air Maroc does not adequately inform its passengers and does not take the necessary means to deliver luggage for passengers, ADM also regretted in its statement.

Royal Air Maroc did not respond to our interview requests, but nevertheless confirms that it has experienced some disruptions regarding baggage delivery since January 11.

According to the airline, a change was made to the equipment, causing delays.

Treatments for travelers

While many travelers have not laid hands on their luggage for three weeks, compensation is available to travelers.

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations and the Montreal Convention strengthen their rights, according to the president of, Jacob Charbonneau.

“For delayed baggage, we have up to 7 days to complete this declaration. For lost baggage, we have up to 21 days. We advise travelers to do this directly when they are there,” he said.

“You can then contact the carrier directly and place an order or go through specialized companies.”

In the event of refusal, travelers can contact government organizations, such as the Canadian Transport Agency, adds Mr. Charbonneau.

TVA News