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The Saban striker has been suspended for the remainder of the season

The Saban striker has been suspended for the remainder of the season

Due to his widely publicized racist act, former Jacksonville Iceman striker Jacob Panetta was suspended for the remainder of the 2021-2022 campaign by the ECHL on Thursday, representing 38 games.

According to a press release issued by the department, the player in question will be able to request a penalty reduction starting from March 17th, all of which are conditioned on following an awareness program specifically developed by the merger committee. from the National Association.

Panetta was penalized indefinitely on Sunday, the day after his actions against Jordan Soban of the South Carolina Stingrays.

After this punishment was announced, the 26-year-old hockey player had the opportunity to present his version of the facts to the league before deciding the exact suspension to impose it. For their part, the icemen instructed the offending skater to the exit.

“Insensitive actions and gestures, regardless of the intent behind them, cannot be tolerated in our sport,” ECHL Commissioner Ryan Crelin said. We all need to learn and grow from this incident, while staying ready to take action to advance our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our league.”

Panetta played 31 games for Icemen in 2021-22. His gesture was followed a few days ago by Christophe Hrabec, the San Jose Barracuda’s MLS player, who is suspended for 30 games after a racist act against Quebec striker Bukondji Imama.