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Aaron Dale suspended for three matches

Aaron Dale suspended for three matches

Buffalo Sabers goalkeeper Aaron Dale has been suspended for three games by National Hockey League player Salama for fouls on Tuesday against Ottawa Senator Drake Paterson, who will have to be absent for an extended period of time.

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Wednesday, the offender had to explain himself regarding the check he made against a Sense player near the Cypress network. In the sequence that happened towards the end of the first period, he was on the heels of defender Matthias Samuelsson when Dale cut him short. Paterson hit hard and embarrassingly on the boards behind the cage and left the match with an apparent injury to his left leg. No penalty was imposed by the referees.

After the match, coach DJ Smith told the media that Paterson would miss several matches.

“The youngster got a chance to take part in his first All-Star meeting of his career. It’s a bad goalkeeper game. He’s done it before. We’ve all seen the video recap. Any other player who usually does that should face the music,” Smith said, unimpressed. With Dell’s “clothesline” severity, “the league will surely watch it, but it’s bad.”

not the first

The latter has already made similar gestures, notably on account of Eeli Tolvanen, of the Nashville Predators, on January 13. Quand il portait l’uniforme des Sharks de San Jose, il avait égallement sévi contre Mark Stone, des Golden Knights de Vegas, en 2019. Pour le coup porté à l’endroit de Batherson, le gardien a tenté de se justifier devant les médias The best possible.

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“I was just trying to buy time for a defender by standing in front of him. I hope he is healthy. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.”

In a demonstration video, the Security Department explained that the connection was not necessary and that Paterson should not have expected to be dealt with in this case, he was the one who tried to get around the network without a disk.

For Paterson, who scored earlier in the game, the result was devastating. He was usually supposed to head to Las Vegas, where The Stars Weekend would take place during the first weekend of February. This season, he has 13 goals and 21 assists for 34 points in 31 games.

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