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The “roller dance” is coming back

The “roller dance” is coming back


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United States: The “roller dance” is making a comeback

United States: The “roller dance” is making a comeback

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Dance like clockwork! In the United States, “roller dancing” is making a comeback and attracting more and more fans. Reporting.

Four small wheels to get rid of it. In the United States, roller skating is returning to the forefront “Roller Dance”, from California beaches to New York theaters. Two Americans, rollerblading fans for 27 years, regularly skate in front of their house. The two brothers put together a choreography, which was filmed by a friend of theirs. For a 1980s tune, the two harmonize well.

“We remind them of their childhood”

In two years, the two brothers have gained almost a million subscribers on social networks. Some of their products reach 30 million views. “People like us because we remind them of their childhood.”, believes in one of the two. Like them, thousands of amateurs and professionals are now sharing their best moves on social networks, which is enough to push many adults to take up roller dancing.

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