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HONG KONG – The French give themselves a scare but claim a second win against Australia

HONG KONG – The French give themselves a scare but claim a second win against Australia

Despite a torrid first half, Jerome Darrett's men managed to show their composure in the last minute to grab a 19-14 victory over Australia.

The Blues continue to confirm their return to the competition Second win in a row In the group stage of the Hong Kong tournament. Jerome Darrett's men dominated the world's fifth-ranked Australia 19-14.

France became the fourth country in the world After their coronation in Los Angeles Today their competitors are more than expected. In any case, this suggests who hoisted the tricolor with the ball in the Australians' first half. Only Pauline Riva's miraculously flat effort, checked after being checked by the video referee, saved the first act for the Blues (5-14).

Pauline Riva, the captain, scored the first French points of the game \ud83d\udc4a

Test checked after video umpire, 7-5 for Australia!#HSBCSVNSHKG

— RugbyPass FR \ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7 (@RugbyPass_FR) April 5, 2024

In the second period, Stephane Pares' men came back with better intent, outscoring the Australian selection 14-0. We had to wait until the last seconds of the game for Toulouse's Nelson Eby to seal the French victory and seal the first day of the tournament.

What is the result?

Still behind, the Blues won with a last-minute try to Nelson Épée \ud83d\udd25.

Just like the girls, the boys end this first day with another hit!#HSBCSVNSHKG

— RugbyPass FR \ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7 (@RugbyPass_FR) April 5, 2024

The Blues need to finish well against Fiji tomorrow (7:43am French time) to complete the group stage and look ambitiously towards the final stages, why not taste victory again.

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