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The pay gap between women and men is the narrowest since 2017

The pay gap between women and men is the narrowest since 2017

Recent data suggest that women are still paid less on average than men, and that the gap is wider in the public sector than in the private sector.

The UK's gender pay gap has hit its lowest level since companies had to report it in 2017, reports Guardian This Saturday April 6th.

However, the gap is still an average of 9.1%, meaning that according to official government figures men earn £100 (about 117 euros) while women earn £91. Four out of five companies and organizations pay women less for the same position.

Inequality in public sector

What emerges from these data is that public companies pay women less than private companies. In fact, pay inequality in the public sector reaches 14.4%, with almost nine out of ten companies paying men more than women, compared to three-quarters of private companies.

According to The Guardian, the construction, finance and insurance and education sectors have the largest pay gap between women and men in the United Kingdom.

In contrast, the catering and hotel industries perform well with wage inequality of 1.5% and 0.5% respectively.

Highly educated people

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