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The road has become an open-air garbage dump

The road has become an open-air garbage dump

A country road has been turned into an open-air garbage dump in Trois-Rivières.

Year after year, residents, delivery workers and even company workers empty their trash or broken products on Toussaint Peron Street, without compensation or fine, accumulating mountains of waste.

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Furniture, fabrics, pieces of wood, and pieces of cardboard by the hundreds; Every spring, the same scenario repeats itself, as the snow melts and a landfill-like landscape is revealed.

“The rank is really terrible. Most of them are in the ditch, they throw everything in there. It seems like it has been forgotten,” noted one citizen who lives nearby.

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Jeanne d'Arc Parent walks through the area almost every day and feels sad when she sees all the trash piling up. “It ruins my vision when I walk around. I think it broke records this year.”

Industrial-looking pieces, which looked like they had been torn apart, were thrown into the line by the hundreds. The latter leads some citizens to believe that companies are behind this pollution.

“It is still sad in 2024 to see that we find waste in natural environments, waste that has been secretly deposited in less frequented areas, while there are many services,” explained Sylvie Gamache, spokeswoman for Énercycle.

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Ecocentres and home collection for bulky items accept “most materials that can be recycled for free.” Ms. Gamache added: “In Trois-Rivières, in Shawinigan, with a simple call you can register for the collection on offer, it is a free public service.”

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On Tuesday afternoon, a worker authorized by the city collected the waste that had accumulated on the road. “It has taken two or three days since last Friday, and according to me, we still have more for today. I think we can say it is a bit cowardly to come and take this directly to nature, and in the end, it is the citizens who bear the bill.”

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On Wednesday, when TVA Nouvelles returned to the scene, there was almost nothing there.

A complaint was filed with the city of Trois-Rivières this year. In total, since 2021, there have been 7 for this same sector. The city responds that every time an event of this type is reported, a team is sent to the site to clean up.