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The French language: the ravages of mental colonialism

The French language: the ravages of mental colonialism

My article on the Englishization of Laval elicited reactions showing that one of our most elusive enemies is the state of mind of so many among us.

Here are a few, along with my comments.

“By reading the anti-immigration records and comments from the francophone media, they feel more welcome by the English-speaking community.”

Criticizing federal immigration policy would be an attack on immigrants?!? Everything is our fault always, always!


“It would be utopian to think that the law could define any language as a lingua franca to be used everywhere, at all times, in all circumstances, by all and among all.”

Who asks that? Rather, it is about ensuring that French is the dominant language in public life, which is impossible if it regresses at home, at work, at school and on signage.

The reader rightly writes: “When the nation is in danger, the ordinary government will declare a state of emergency, instead of distributing Sominex (Law 96).”

Another is given: “I don’t understand the word Sominex, and that’s why it’s so hard to learn French.”

When you don’t conclude that Sominex is a sleeping pill or don’t even make the effort to go see…

In any case, so long as immigrants arrive in Canada where the majority is English-speaking, what interest do they have, barring exceptions, in joining a minority?

Independence is the only durable solution, but it clearly requires a minimum of courage.

My colleague Sophie Durocher deplored the unbridled Englishness of Paris’ commercial signage, even if, of course, the French were not such a threatening minority as we are.

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One reader writes to him: “The world trend, madam, we must stop being more Catholic than the Pope. If we can’t beat it, we join it!”

English, a global trend? He should be traveling instead of chatting downstairs.

In China, Japan, Brazil and elsewhere, business is conducted in the language of the country.

“It’s the progression of language, like the Anglos who use French words for certain things.”

Sorry? Has anyone seen an increase in French-language commercial signage in English Canada?

“where is the problem????????”, asks another.

This is lost forever.

In these reactions we find all the essence of mental colonialism: the denial of reality, the pathetic justification, the inferiority complex, the self-denigration, the tacit search for the assent of the dominant.


Pierre Bourgault used to say that some of our people are so used to receiving scorn and kicks in the ass that they need their daily dose to find their condition normal.

“You people on your knees, waiting for your salvation!”

Learn this excerpt from Midnight, Christians One of the most famous Christmas carols.

Some of us, on our knees, no longer await salvation.

They agreed to apply.