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The recycling display space has been relocated

The recycling display space has been relocated

At the recycling centre, several decorative items, tableware and a CD and DVD collection, initially stored under the barn and shed located along Cosne Road, are now on display in the former land preparation workshop.

“This move mobilized volunteers and staff, with reinforcements from the Social and Cultural Center Integration Project team,” recalls Jean-Charles Llorieux, president of the associational structure.

200 m 2 The roof space provides ample space allowing all things to be brought together in one place, and “more conducive conditions for general wandering.”

Galleries, artists and craftsmen

“This move also helps save on the cost of renting the Barnum,” he adds. The site is accessed via On’se Plume Street or via the main entrance, Cosne Road.

In June, this same space hosted a clothing sale. The structure entered into a contract with the Never Board and the district to fund driver’s license assistance. La Fol (Union of Secular Works) 58 was asked to appoint a young man to the civil service.

The site also welcomes workshops for artists and craftsmen in the sector who wish to showcase their activities.

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