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The problematic existence of Galchenok’s father is documented

The problematic existence of Galchenok’s father is documented

The problematic influence of Alex Galchenuk Sr. on his son is documented Article published in the Montreal Gazette, by the Reverend Pat Hickey.

Hickey recounted a trip to Sarnia in 2012 when Galchenuk played for the Sting in the Ontario Junior League (OHL).

At this time, Jacques Beaulieu, father of Nathan Beaulieu, was the head coach and general manager of the team. One of his assistants was Galchenok Kabir.

After rehearsing, Alex would work overtime with his father. Teammate Connor Murphy did the same with his father, Gord, a former National League player.

“I have two coaches that I neither need nor want,” Jacques Beaulieu summed up to Hickey, emphasizing the boredom these parents had caused him.

Also according to Hickey, Alex Galchenuk Sr. continued to control his son when the latter arrived in Montreal.

Hickey wrote “Galchenyuk never lived up to his potential and a lot of that was due to issues associated with having his father around him”. After each home game, the father and son analyzed the confrontation outside the locker room. Alex Sr. was explaining the stats and attacking the coaching staff, stating that his son was not being used properly.

In 2015, Alex Galchenyuk broke off relations with his agent, Igor Larionov. The reason is simple. When Alex Senior wanted to force the Canadiens so his son would get more playing time, Larionov refused to comply.

Galchenyuk recently hit rock bottom after signing with the Arizona Coyotes on July 1. On July 9, he was arrested in Scottsdale. He faces charges of hit and run, disorderly conduct, non-compliance, resisting arrest, threats and intimidation.

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His contract was terminated by Wolves. The attacker has joined the Players Association Assistance Program.