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Transition at UNI: Exhausted Staff, Three Branches Temporarily Closed |  Moving to UNI Financial Cooperation

Transition at UNI: Exhausted Staff, Three Branches Temporarily Closed | Moving to UNI Financial Cooperation

UNI Financial Cooperation’s new CEO, Camille Thériault, is trying to rebuild bridges with exhausted teams. He acknowledges that some employees are coming to an end after several tumultuous weeks.

Camille Theriault took over the presidency of UNI Financial Cooperation earlier this week after the board of directors sacked Robert Moreau.

Once his appointment is announced, the new CEO He said out loud what had been whispering backstage for some time.

Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UNI and Camille Theriault, the new CEO of the Acadian Foundation which he has already led for 12 years.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Pascal Reich-Noeg

Some of our employees are overworkedFrankly admit. He stressed that the institution should take care of its employees.

On Thursday, UNI sent all of its members a copy of these comments by Camille Thériault, in which he spoke of his sympathy for the staff.

I felt their pain and the difficulties they had in meeting all of the members’ needs. But I also felt their determination to want to be part of UNIHe said.

Three branches temporarily closed

UNI staff burnout affects operations. On Friday, the Cap-Pelé, Saint-Léonard and Beresford branches did not open.

Members of these communities had to go elsewhere in the network to obtain counter services. At least one closed branch – the Cap-Pellet branch – the ATM was still in service and accessible.

On its website, UNI indicates that these are temporary closures due to Uncontrollable conditions.

During a brief phone interview, late Friday morning, Camille Theriault confirmed to Radio Canada Acadé that it was related to a staff shortage.

Some employees are on their day off and others are on sick leave. In addition, some were given time off to catch their breath.

Radio Canada recently contacted a dozen employees for their testimony. So far they have preferred not to comment.

A man looking into a lens

Robert Morrow, former President and CEO of UNI Financial Cooperation (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada

As for Robert Morrow, he has kept a low profile since UNI’s board fired him.

I have devoted all of my energy to UNI and I still care deeply about the New Brunswick credit union movement, and always will. As UNI takes its next step, I wish them, their employees and former colleagues much success.he said in a written statement sent to Radio Canada Acadé.

With information from Karen Godin