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The parliamentary report criticizes the British withdrawal from Afghanistan

The parliamentary report criticizes the British withdrawal from Afghanistan


Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer was “a disaster and a betrayal” by Britain’s allies, according to a parliamentary statement released on Tuesday. The text criticizes “lack of seriousness in integration, lack of clear decision-making ability, lack of leadership and irresponsibility”.

The failure of the United States in connection with the Western withdrawal from Afghanistan was not the only highlight. A parliamentary statement released on Tuesday, May 24, combats the shortcomings and “legitimate failures” of British diplomacy.

Following the withdrawal of the United States following the Taliban’s return to power in August, The UK 15,000 were evictedAfghanistan.

“Our withdrawal from Afghanistan has proven to be a disaster and a betrayal of our allies, which will hurt the interests of the United Kingdom in the years to come,” the statement said. He condemned the “complete absence of a plan to expel Afghans who supported British service in the country” without working directly in London in particular.

“In this tragedy the British side is showing seriousness, lack of clear decision-making, lack of leadership and irresponsibility in coordination,” the foreign affairs committee chairman, a conservative MP, said in a statement. Tom Dukendott.

In the current context, “our diplomacy and our security can not be too confusing and unstructured,” he continued, condemning the “serious formal failures at the heart of UK foreign policy”, especially in the absence of Foreign Minister Dominic Robb and Philip Barton, the department’s top civil servant.

Restore diplomatic relations with the Taliban

Among other things, the report strongly criticizes the “lack of a solid priority system” for emissions, which allowed an animal protection association to move forward following the intervention, failing to determine its origin. When many Afghans failed to do so.

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The case is part of a “broader problem of transparency and accountability within the sector” that, according to the report, considers the answers given to the Commission to be “best intentionally avoided, and often deliberately misleading”.

“The government can only be held accountable if it believes that parliament will receive honest answers to its questions,” the report said.

The report calls on the government to re-establish diplomatic relations with the country in the future Taliban In power in Kabul, he stressed that “attempts to completely isolate the new regime will only harm the Afghan people and fill the void left by China.”

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