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The United States is monitoring abuses in Native American boarding schools

The United States is monitoring abuses in Native American boarding schools

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Among the Indian tribes, when it comes to trauma, it always goes back to boarding schools. Compulsory schooling of children by the white community for the purpose of integration in the first half of the 20th centuryAnd Century. Not everyone has the same experience. We happened to see a Navajo doctor in Memorial Valley (Utah) who did not complain. He realized that he was able to continue his college education in the 1970s because he was expelled from a broken family and attended a US government boarding school. He was not alone in his generation.

But for the majority Native Americans, Boarding schools are a symbol of American society’s efforts to dismantle Native American culture, even at the cost of cultural genocide. In boarding schools, children were forced to distance themselves from the traditions of their tribe. They were banned from speaking their language, their hair was shaved and their name was changed to English. If they did not comply with these rules, they were beaten, whipped, imprisoned without food or in solitary confinement.

He needed an Native American woman to come to the US government – Debb Holland, Pueblo Laguna tribe, First to the post of Home Minister appointed at the beginning of 2021 Joe Biden wrote that in the 1970s, until President Richard Nixon’s end of policy, the United States finally embarked on an introspection into the abuses of Indian boarding schools. Completion (Liquidation) reserves. In June 2021, what excuse did the Minister take Canada finds remains of 215 tribal children in KamloopsBritish Columbia is set to launch a national survey of residential schools in the United States.

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The first report was released by the Interior Ministry on Wednesday, May 11th. It reveals that more than 500 children have died in these educational institutions Kill the Indian to save the man “According to the formula of Captain Richard Bradt, the founder of the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, the pilot establishment of compulsory integration and the most feared.

About fifty graves have been identified

The report estimates that between 1819 and 1969, when the Indian Civil Funding Act was enacted, 408 schools in 37 states were run by the government or by publicly funded religious organizations. About 50 graves were identified on or near the school grounds. The report emphasizes that the figures are not conclusive and that more victims will be expected as the investigation continues.

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