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The paleo diet of Andrei Kuzmenko will amaze you

The paleo diet of Andrei Kuzmenko will amaze you

In order to advance to the professional level, in any physical sport imaginable…

Athletes must be in good shape. Very appropriate, even.

We agree that there are certain exceptions around the world and Andrei Kuzmenko is part of the group. At least old Andrei Kuzmenko is in the group.

The Canucks player, who is in his first NHL season in 2022-23, arrived at the team’s camp last summer when he was (really) out of shape. The Canucks had to put him through intense training because he was so fat…

Which makes sense considering that in the summer of 2022, he was still eating mountains of Nutella pancakes with berries on top. You’ll tell me that at least he found a way to include fruit in his meals…

But still. He was far from the level of his teammates… and despite everything he scored 39 goals in his debut in the best hockey league on earth.

He says he is now in better shape than ever, and if we think he was able to ‘score’ so much by eating this way, imagine how dominant he has been this season.

Speaking of his eating habits…

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Last year, he attracted attention during a Canucks game because he decided to eat a banana and drink a Coca-Cola during a commercial break.

He looks a little special, the Russian. And when I see the way Elias Pettersson looks at him on the bench, I think we have the same mindset:

The important thing, at least, is that he is now ready for next season.

A healthy Andrei Kuzmenko has the potential to wreak havoc in the NHL because he has a natural scoring talent. If he’s able to add a little speed to his game and is faster than last year on his skates…

It will be one to watch.

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-It’s already starting to brew.

– He’s fast.

– That’s for sure.