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The 'menial' strategy of Roeg et al. is condemned

The ‘menial’ strategy of Roeg et al. is condemned

Former Universitaire Laval player Rouge-et-Or Arnaud Gascon-Nadon spoke about something that has been bothering him for several years at his university on Friday in jc.

He first pointed out that the people of Quebec do not agree that I do this, but that I am against it. It is after every turn, there is a player who stays on the ground. And it is intentional, even intentional, that such a person should remain on Earth.

“We’re talking about the best program in Canada… It’s a mean strategy. It’s unsportsmanlike, I find we don’t respect the competition, I’m tired of seeing that gesture, there’s no place for that in amateur football.”

See what kind of gesture Gascon-Nadon is talking about as well as his explanations in the video above.

Gascon-Nadon went further, saying he doubts Rouge A Ur’s chances of beating the Western University Mustangs on Saturday in a Mitchell Cup game.

He explained: “When I see that they are going to play against Western, which is a physical team and does not pretend after the change, it makes me suspicious.

“Will Laval be able to show enough aggression and competition to win this match?”

The match will be shown on TVA Sports and TVA Sports Direct from 3pm on Saturday.

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