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The last part and a new route

The last part and a new route

The fourth and final part of the vital European cooperation project, led by Apollonia Space, is a new art installation that will activate the back of the E “Jardiers” tram stop in Strasbourg for several days. The trail that allows you to discover all the works will be opened on Saturday, November 25 at 11 am.

Today at 06:00

A (new) vegan utopia in the heart of Robertsau? This is the topic of the fourth and final part of the vital European cooperation project, initiated by the Apollonia Art Space.

It was installed a few days ago at the back of the “Gardeners” tram station. bando, Imagined by visual artists Thibaut Honoré and Justine Malajac, the assemblage is a work of art, focusing on a sustainable collaboration approach between nature, citizens and art. It is a continuation of the participatory garden created by the Apollonia art space at 23 Bucklin Street, and seeks to achieve the same goal: to help, through the installation of works on site, in the development of the city’s flora.

Digging a little more than eight meters deep, an underground pumping device with a crank (removable to avoid any waste), planting a Mirabellier tree from which we should harvest the first fruits next year, and trays to accommodate it…

With the locals

The device entertains and amazes the residents of the neighborhood, “who will be called upon over a period of months to participate in activities, from irrigation to harvesting, and thus to the growth and meaning of the project,” explains Apollonia Space Director, Dimitri. Konstantinidis.

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“Pando, which means “I stretch out,” is the name given to a forest of 40,000 aspen trees, in the heart of Bryce Canyon National Park (USA). These thousands of trees are all identical and form a clonal colony. “Every aspen tree is related With its neighbor through a single, centuries-old root, extending over several hectares,” explain the two artists who imagined the (currently more modest) Robertsauvian version.

Launched in June 2022, the Vital project has produced four innovative installations, placed in a public space in collaboration with European artists Kletza Antonio, Marco Parotti, Thibault Honoré and Justine Maljak, as well as Irina Pevka and Bryn Zorman. All works highlight artists’ engagement with environmental issues and citizen engagement.

Apollonia is at ST-ART this weekend

As part of the partnership, Apollonia Space presents the lively project until Sunday 26 November at ST-ART, the European exhibition of contemporary art and design held at the Faken Exhibition Centre, including the kinetic sculpture Moss by artist Marco Parotti (previously installed in the garden of the Notre Dame Museum).

The road linking all the works of the Vital project will be opened on Saturday, November 25 at 11 am. Meet at tram stop E “Mélanie” at 11 am, at 11:20 am at “Gardeners” stop, at 11:40 am at Espace Apollonia, Boecklin Street, and at 12:15 pm at ST-ART. Registration is required on