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The judge in Trump’s 2020 trial doesn’t want a media ‘carnival’

The judge in Trump’s 2020 trial doesn’t want a media ‘carnival’

The judge in the trial of former US President Donald Trump over his actions in the 2020 election, Tanya Chutkan, warned on Friday that she would not allow the trial to take place in a media “carnival” atmosphere.

During this hearing intended to seek an injunction from Special Counsel Jack Smith to prevent wrongful disclosure of key documents in the file, I agreed to frame Donald Trump’s public comments only around “sensitive” items, but to strictly limit his access to these documents.

Despite the highly political nature of the case, in which the former president, who is campaigning to regain the White House, pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to fraud to overturn the vote result, the judge said she wanted to lead the discussions as usual. as possible.

In response to defense attorney John Lauro’s objections to the prosecution’s requests, she warned: “I will not take into account in my decisions the implications that may have on the presidential campaign” for 2024. She said she was concerned above all with the “good administration of justice.”

She concurred with the defense’s opinion that the injunction was only for “sensitive items”.

On the other hand, Judge Chutkan adopted the definition proposed by the prosecution of “sensitive elements” to include in particular transcripts or recordings of witness statements, citing the “risk of witness intimidation”.

In conclusion, she warned against any “inflammatory statements that could taint jury selection,” which could only encourage her to set an early trial date.

Jack Smith, who called for a “trial without delay”, suggested the date of January 2, estimating that it “should not last more than four to six weeks”.

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The defense has until August 17 to formulate its proposed timeline, before a new hearing on this case before Judge Chutkan, scheduled for August 28.

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