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The 3-year-old ran away from McDonald’s because he was hungry

The 3-year-old ran away from McDonald’s because he was hungry

A mother in Wisconsin, USA, was very frightened when her 3-year-old son got out of his bed and walked to McDonald’s, which is about 400 meters from the house.

In a video shared on TikTok, Marissa Phifer recounts that the event happened during nap time, when she slept next to her son, Aiden, and his twin sister.

The two children were in their crib, but Aiden was more hungry than sleepy; So he got up and left his bed and his house without his mother realizing it.

When she woke up, the mother found that her son had disappeared and his shoe was also missing. She then immediately alerted the authorities to report her three-year-old son missing.

“He wasn’t home, downstairs, front yard, backyard,” she posted on TikTok.

When the police arrived at the house, they immediately revealed to Marissa Phifer that her son had been found at a McDonald’s.

A good Samaritan told the police that he saw the boy walking between his home and the restaurant, 400 meters away.

So the mother rushed to McDonald’s, where her son was waiting for him, safe and sound… but hungry!

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