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The international cast “probably couldn’t handle” the original Mamma Mia 3 movie

The international cast “probably couldn’t handle” the original Mamma Mia 3 movie

Amanda Seyfried believes Universal bosses “probably can’t afford” to rehire the original cast of Mamma Mia! For a third movie.

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The actress returns to the saga for Vogue on Wednesday I mean girls It casts doubt on rumors that the studio has agreed to reunite the original cast for a third film. “I dare you to show me one person who doesn’t want a third Mamma Mia!” she began. No one says no, but no one says yes either. Maybe the authorities can’t make us be honest. I hate to say it, because would I do Mamma Mia 3 for free, of course I would, but that’s not the business we’re in. “What’s fair is fair, and I feel like the third movie is going to end up being something stupid, like whether Universal wants to release the money or not.”

Universal Pictures president Donna Langley simply told Vogue that the studio “would like to do a third movie,” something that has been discussed several times since the release of the second film. Mama Mia! here we go again.

Elsewhere in the video, Stellan Skarsgard said: “I will be in a funeral urn when there is a script for a movie.” Mamma Mia 3 But I will gladly participate in it as a heap of ashes.”

Their colleague Meryl Streep, whose character was killed off in the second film, also expressed her desire to return. “I said [à la productrice Judy Craymer] If she could find a way to embody Donna, I would love to. “Or it could be like one of those soap operas where Donna comes back and reveals that her twin sister is actually the one who died,” she added humorously. “Maybe we should call her Grandma Mia! While we’re at it!”

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Excellence Mama Mia! It also stars Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski.