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After mocking Amber Heard, Lance Bass crashes...Harry Styles denies he wrote a song about Taylor Swift...

After mocking Amber Heard, Lance Bass crashes…Harry Styles denies he wrote a song about Taylor Swift…

May 19, 2022

Harry Styles denies that his latest song has anything to do with Taylor Swift

Harry Stiles Official: his last address, daylightHe has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Radio show guest Howard Stern, singer cross On the new song from his album Harry’s houseWho talks about a woman who rejected him!

Then the host reminded the singer that Taylor Swift, with whom he was in a relationship in 2012, also has a nickname called daylightreleased in 2019. Snirring, the singer denied any connection between the two titles: “You know, I’d like to tell you that you’re right, but that’s not the case… We’ll always ask ourselves the question! He answered.

Harry Styles revealed that creating the track is simpler than that: he spontaneously imagined it during a studio session that ended early in the morning, in front of a gorgeous sunrise.

Lance Bass mocks Amber Heard and collides

Yannick Noah Is Happy To “Wake Up Alone”

Yannick Noah happy alone. Anyway, that’s what the former tennis player revealed in an interview expensive. At 62, he’s no longer in a relationship, which is exactly what he’s looking for!

I value my freedom. I gave. I tried. I had children with three women and I had other relationships that all ended (…) When there is a breakup, everyone is responsible for not being able to keep the flame burning. But here it is over. I really like to wake up In the morning alone in my garden, he said.

Today he goes where he wants and when he wants! “I’m going to party for a month because I want to go sing, I go to the studio because I want to tell other stories, I stop all summer because my son is getting married and then I want to take a vacation. That freedom is a luxury I enjoy every day,” he concluded.

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