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The General People’s Congress dismisses its general manager

The General People’s Congress dismisses its general manager

And only a few months after her appointment, the Conservative Party of Quebec severed ties with its chief executive. Former Liberal candidate Eric Tetrault will take over the temporary job.

According to two sources within PCQ, the business climate in the organization has deteriorated since Ms. Susi’s accession to the CEO position last January.

Ironically, his appointment took place in the context of great internal tensions, and the change of leadership was justified as a way to “professionalize the party”.

In response to a question about the reason for Louise Souci’s departure, Eric Duheim’s press attache confirmed that “the decision to separate was taken by mutual agreement,” without wanting to provide more details or comment on the work climate in the party.

Image courtesy of the Conservative Party of Quebec website

For his part, the head of the Qatar Communist Party, Donald Gagnon, thanked, in a written statement, Louise Soucy for “the good work she has done over the past few months,” and noted that he is the current director of the party’s Communications Committee. Eric Tetrault, who will take over as CEO from September 1st.

“We are happy to count on an experienced professional like Mr. Tetrolt to make the best transition,” he wrote.

Mr. Tetrault attempted to be elected for the Liberal Party of Quebec in 2017, during a by-election in the constituency of Louis-Hébert. However, he was forced to withdraw his candidacy after it became clear that he had been subjected to several complaints of psychological harassment while working as Director of Communications at ArcelorMittal.

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Mr Tetrault was also Director of Communications in the office of Prime Minister Jean Charest between 2008 and 2010.

Despite our requests, Conservative Leader Eric Duheim declined to comment on the situation.