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UNI Financial Cooperation Desjardins Group pranks

UNI Financial Cooperation Desjardins Group pranks

This was announced by the financial institution to its members on Wednesday evening during its annual general meeting, which was held in the regional center k-c Irving to Bathurstin New Brunswick.

Here, it is really a change of resource. Relations with Desjardins are good. We have never been part of Desjardins. UNI has always been independent, it has always had its own governance, its own board of directors, and its own bylawsexplained Robert Morrow, President and CEO of UNI Financial Cooperation.

We are in the process of changing with other suppliers who will provide us with the same services. »

Quote from Robert Morrow, President and CEO, UNI Financial Cooperation

New technological innovations will be introduced to customers by the fall, particularly for debit and credit cards.

This part of He. She There, computing, we switch to another signal and invest heavily in developing He. She. It is no coincidence that you will see advertisements for 100 job creations with us. This expertise really takes hold in New BrunswickRobert Morrow said during an interview Thursday with the show there morning From ICI Academy.

UNI presented its plan last year to create up to 100 jobs, mainly in information technology, customer service and communications. Mr. Morrow estimates the economic benefits at $9 million for life One of these jobs is in Acadia.

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Mr. Moreau assures that UNI will always maintain good relations with the Desjardins movement in spite of everything.

In the past and present, we have been partners of Desjardins. This will continue to be the case in the future, but it will be redefined according to needs [des deux]. Whether their growth is as much as ours, we are always in touchHe said.

Customers are concerned about security

Some UNI agents who met on the Acadian Peninsula did not believe these changes would have an effect on them. Like Lisa Marie Cormier from Saint-Léolin. The Earth continues to spin, whether it’s Desjardins or UNI. My money is still going into my bank account.

She just hopes everything is safe. There is enough phishing out there that you don’t know who to trust anymore. You get calls, texts, and emails, and you don’t know who to believe. It’s easy to get hooked, honestly.

Onil Vienneau, from Bas-Caraquet, relies on the UNI Financial Cooperation experts. Maybe we should trust. I, at the moment, am finding it hard to follow. Technology moves very quickly. I hope they don’t have to do the same thing with AI… hold it for a few years.

Record surpluses

UNI Financial Cooperation also reported record pre-tax surpluses of $30 million in 2022. This result will enable it to distribute dividends to its members for the second year in a row.

The total value of this individual sponsorship proceeds is $5 million. It will be paid to members later this year. Collective profits of $2.5 million will be distributed to communities in the form of donations, sponsorships, partnerships, and scholarships.

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This is the second year in a row that UNI has announced discounts, after a freeze that began in 2016, when the collective changed its name. In 2022, the Foundation will also donate a total of $7.5 million to members and organizations.

These $30 million surpluses are the best consolidated result since the merger that created UNI in 2016, according to Mr. Morrow.

These results reflect our exceptional growth and will give us the means to invest in our future. »

Quote from Robert Morrow, President and CEO, UNI

The foundation has passed the milestone of $4.1 billion in loans and now has assets of $5.4 billion.

We still carry the dream and aspirations of the founding members who saw collective wealth as the best guarantee for a future where our youth can thrive at home and where our seniors feel supported.said economist Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, chairman of UNI’s board of directors.

With information from Mario Mercier, Real Fradit, and Rene Landry, and the program the morning