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The full moon in Virgo occurs this Saturday

The full moon in Virgo occurs this Saturday

Here's everything you need to know about the Full Moon in Virgo making us appreciate our luck thanks to details from astrologer Caroline Malo*.

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the Lunar calendar 2024 Already leading us to the full moon on February 24th. At 5 degrees 23 minutes of Virgo, it is opposite the Sun in Pisces, directly next to Mercury, the guide of this current Full Moon.

The latter two are stuck on Fomalhaut, a royal star associated with luck. The Sun, for its part, is guided by both Jupiter and Neptune, in feminine, earthly, and watery signs respectively.

In fact, Neptune, or Poseidon to the Greeks, is at home in Pisces, a vast area of ​​water, where we are simply encouraged to trust the world. “flow » Waves and leaves.

Look how lucky we are every day

In the meantime, we're still bathing in the energies of the meeting of the North Node and Chiron in Aries, which occurred on Monday, February 19, and in the wonderful meeting of our close friends, Venus and Mars, who met in Aquarius on Thursday morning.

We can summarize this energy as follows: Our greatest work is to embrace who we are, merging the invisible with the material in order to touch our inner wisdom. It is a whole process in human life to learn to return to the source and thus live in harmony and trust in what is “, explains Caroline Malo, founder

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Therefore, it is the moment of assimilation, awareness, and awareness of all the luck that lies within us. What does this come from? Gratitude for what is.

Full Moon with very feminine energy

According to Ms. Malo, this full moon in Virgo has the characteristics of this astrological sign. He will be a person with very YIN energy, overly feminine, welcoming, receptive, open, and attentive.

Virgo reflects the sun's rays in Pisces. This polarity between man and God represents the greatest complementarity. The only way to enter a state of bliss and become completely immersed in the idea of ​​time is by integrating our bodies and finding ourselves in the heart space. », adds Ms Malo.

“Unsplash Ganapathy Kumar”

Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius

This full moon on February 24 also highlights the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius. The next encounter in this tower won't happen until… 2054!

From the end of January until the end of April, we find ourselves in extremely powerful energies. Life wants us to trust the process, our process. Don't force things.

Virgo is dedicated to service on the material level. It makes creation, production, and presence sacred.

Happy full moon!

*About Astro Caro Malo

Founded by Caroline Malo, an astrologer who aspires to bring clarity to people's lives
In order to offer her expertise to business leaders and people with an interest in astronomy to help them have a clear business structure, a motivated team, or just a clearer vision of the path to follow.

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With over 25 years of business experience, including 15 years as a Marketing Director or General Manager, Carolyn has also developed a boundless passion for astrology, the study of the planetary influences on the cycles that shape our lives.

She also offers natal chart readings, astrological training, and corporate conference workshops. To discover more astronomical content, follow her on
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