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Mélanie Maynard had to end this professional project

Melanie Maynard had very sad news to share with her subscribers, on Facebook and Instagram, regarding a project close to her heart.

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This morning, during a radio program I co-host Vincent Desorault And Julien Poirier Mallothe host revealed that she was leaving her microphone at WKND99.5.

It’s humorous (and even a little sing-along!) that Mélanie Maynard has announced her departure from the station, a departure that will take place in the coming weeks, even before the season finale.

She explained that the motivation behind her selection was that she is in her eighth broadcasting year, including seventh on the morning show on a daily basis. So it’s a fairly demanding schedule and lifestyle for someone who’s on the air from 5:30 every morning. Add to that a very busy next few months, as you take over Patrice Belanger On top of the twenty-second season of Sweety saltyas well as continuing to sit in weekly on the show TV kids side by sideAndré Robitaille.

“If I had a little money, I would probably try to keep it all and do the three decades at the same time, but since my goal is not to be the richest in the cemetery, I will let someone else get rich on the backs of the Leclerc brothers.” [les patrons de la station]I joked.

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Watch his ad here:

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She doesn’t close the door on a potential comeback, conjuring up the future when she’s made her television appearances, all the while winking at a colleague on the same station, Etienne Boulaywho announced his departure from radio… before returning to it a few months later.

And quickly, comments piled in from Mélanie Maynard’s subscribers all wishing her well for the future, even if they missed her.

No doubt this is a difficult decision, but we tip our hats to him for listening!

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