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The first “historic” prison sentence against piracy

The first “historic” prison sentence against piracy

The operator of the pirated IPTV service “Flash IPTV” was sentenced to more than five years in prison, a victory that the authorities considered “historic.”

“Operation 404” is the name given to a Brazilian anti-piracy campaign. This campaign was launched in 2019 with the help of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina, and led to the closure of several piracy websites and services and several arrests.

IPTV operators now face prison

This massive anti-piracy campaign, dubbed “Operation 404” in reference to the HTTP error code, has led to the arrest of several suspects since its launch in 2019. Many of the interventions have been successfully carried out by the ALIANZA group, which has received assistance from the law. International enforcement partners.

This week, Alianza achieved its first legal victory linked to “Operation 404.” This follows a criminal complaint filed by the group that led the judge of the Fifth Criminal Court of Campinas, in São Paulo, to convict the pirate operator “Flash IPTV” which shut down its activities in 2020. He was found guilty of copyright infringement, a crime that led to him being imprisoned for five years.

We're talking about a very popular IPTV service that had 13,547 active users at its peak and generated $912,000 in revenue in the twelve months before it shut down. Alianza welcomed the judicial decision and described this victory as “historic.”

“We appreciate the commitment of the police and judicial authorities to resolve this important case. This conviction is an important step that reinforces our commitment to defending the rights of creators and combating illegal practices that harm the creative economy,” says Victor Roldan, CEO of ALIANZA.

Although this legal victory is the first of its kind in Brazil, the anti-piracy group was able to obtain a similar victory in Ecuador where a pirate IPTV operator ( was sentenced to a year in prison. Rights holders have more and more tools to fight platforms that infringe copyright. From now on, even customers of IPTV services are subject to fines of up to 5,000 euros.

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