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The first accredited training to be delivered in an authentic environment

The first accredited training to be delivered in an authentic environment

Melanie Boivin

Source: College of Continuing Education

Over the past seven years, Melanie Boivin has created several services for urban indigenous people in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. For her, education is key, it is necessary so that members of her community can take greater control of their future. She hopes that other Indigenous people, like herself, will have the opportunity to pursue university studies and hold jobs outside the community and in various Indigenous organizations.

Given the shortage of qualified workforce in indigenous communities in the field of psychoeducational intervention, the offer of training in this specialty has been eagerly awaited. Today, a program is offered that builds on proven psychoeducational knowledge and practices, using educational strategies that focus on the use of current intervention practices, directly in the living environment. “We are not taught in school how to protect our children, our planet, our water, our animals, even though these are the core values ​​that indigenous people carry within them,” emphasizes Melanie Boivin.

This program will allow to deepen and enrich each intervention and thus ensure optimal quality of services for clients with adjustment difficulties. In an interview, Melanie Boivin tells us how happy and relieved she is to see this training taking root.

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