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Bayonetta 3: Crazy Battles

Bayonetta 3: Crazy Battles

Eight years later Bayonetta 2A sequel to this action game series has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. This third opus demonstrates a clear mastery of its genre, with highly addictive battles, despite the weaknesses in the script and graphics.

Copy of the game and images courtesy of nintendo

To the informed audience

Before jumping into Bayonetta 3, I knew almost nothing about the series. So I didn’t really know what I was doing, which of course colored my experience. The introduction launches us into the story without a preamble, assuming we know Bayonetta and her story. The game is clearly aimed more at fans of the series than new players. The beginning was amazing, both in terms of the amount of information thrown at us and in the speed, as it causes us to start a fight only to be suddenly interrupted by another cinematic scene. The extravagant game world is taking shape, and we wonder what we’re getting into!

I was also shocked by the introduction and “empowerment” of Bayonetta herself, described to me as a woman who fully assumes her sexuality. But in the foreground, I meet a woman who is comfortable in her sexuality, yes, but above all abused by a corrupt art director’s camera. Close-ups of Bayonetta’s body do not grant her any powers; They only please the famous male look. The intro was the biggest comet out there, and though I still grumble in classes often, it was clear that Bayonetta had her own agency.

Exciting combat mechanics

top quality from Bayonetta 3 It is definitely a combat system that has something exhilarating in it. Effects and animations when landing a group or dodging an attack are straightforward and provide instant satisfaction. Movements and sequences are fluid. Training mode allows you to practice a bit with combos and proves to be a must for a player like me who is not a fan of fighting games in general. It will also be very useful for all those who want to get the best score possible!

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Summonable Demons, a novelty in this opus, fit seamlessly into the groups. Power Gauge allows you to summon one of your choice (you can equip up to three at once) to deal huge damage to opponents. Demons have their own combos, but they can also fit into Bayonetta’s combos, doubling the power of attacks.

We also have to embody other characters on a few occasions, like Viola and Jane. I really liked Viola’s loud and raw style, which fends off attacks rather than dodges them. It was a welcome change of style and totally satisfying!

The game gives us a score for each fight, and a total score at the end of the chapter. To get a high score, it is necessary to connect combos, avoid attacks and quickly eliminate opponents. This is the aspect that will hold back the most competitive players, who will be able to replay the chapters over and over to beat their highest score. The game also includes an online rating where you can compare yourself with others.

crazy atmosphere

We won’t lie to each other, landscape Bayonetta 3 There are quite a few items, and the textures seem straight from another decade. The focus was instead on the many monsters we encounter throughout the chapters, which are detailed, even if they are often too large to be fully seen on screen. The sacrifices made for setup pay off at least in allowing for a fairly stable performance of the game, and the battles flow smoothly.

Despite these sad environments, monsters, music and the rhythm of the game manage to organize a very exciting atmosphere. The fast-paced action sequences, battles, and exploration sequences make for a cohesive experience in which you drift away.

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The scenario is a bit disjointed, intertwined between the multiverses that must be memorized. Chapters regularly feature new versions of Bayonetta or new characters who disappear in the next chapter. It keeps everything dynamic, but also makes it hard to feel involved in the story. In addition, there are many sequences in which the gameplay changes suddenly, with types of chase, a piece of a 2D platformer, or even a confrontation between two giant monsters. You never know what to expect from class to class.

In general, it is really a game based on its mechanics and combat system, which, by the way, is very successful. But if you don’t get much satisfaction from putting combos together to get a high score, there isn’t much to get out of this game.

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