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“The fight was going to break out” on Owen Beck’s team

Owen Beck’s tepid production since he was traded to the Peterborough Petes from the OHL raises questions, but we may have a lead.

According to information from TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martino, CH hope is not developing in a very healthy environment at the moment. It was discussed on Monday on JiC’s show (watch in the video above).

On the Bates side, there have been many offensive acquisitions [avant la date limite]. I have a good source on the Ontario junior hockey team who told me that the indoor atmosphere is the worst on the entire Ontario junior circuit. The fight reportedly took place in the locker room.

“There is one player I won’t even name that was named cancer by the source. Players pognent Between them, it’s really not JoJo.

A quiet athlete like Beck who doesn’t like confrontation can get uncomfortable, one would think. Apparently, Beck isn’t the only potential person dealing with these kinds of challenges.

“Unfortunately, Owen Beck’s case is not isolated because besides Philippe Messar, the team really isn’t any better,” Anthony Martino recalled. The same source tells me: “Look, you’re not lucky in Montreal because two of your best prospects are playing in the two worst markets.” possible. [pour ce qui est de l’ambiance dans le vestiaire]”We recently fired the coach from the Kitchener side.

“Again there, in the locker room, we’re talking about some disagreements regarding playing time. Some of the old models on the team who had time to play hard just don’t have that anymore. The coach who was fired, I was told, didn’t bring structure.

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“All these stories don’t explain everything, but they can partially justify the production of two prospects who, let’s be clear, are still full of talent.”